We offer a complimentary 60-minute discussion to get to know your business successes and business challenges, either in person or by phone, depending on geography. Let us know you’re interested. We can get you on our schedule and we will send a link to our About Me and My Business page. Please fill the questionnaire out and send it at least a week before your scheduled discussion.

If you like what you hear, simply sign up for a 6-month Colleague, Executive or CEO plan. A week or two later we will provide you with an outlined plan about how we intend to approach your unique business and move on from there.

All of our plans have no long term obligation. If you decide what we are working on together is not what you want, let us know and we will cancel your plan. We would appreciate it if you would give us some feedback before you quit so we can tweak your plan to work better for you, but that’s up to you. We don’t want to work with anyone who is dissatisfied with our services, so if that’s your decision, we will quietly bow out.

You are always able to join our Basic Plan which is absolutely free, although you will need to register. From time to time we will send you what we think are very insightful and useful thoughts, white papers and commentaries.