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An Exceptional Business is one that:

  1. Builds a culture around its brand(s) or services
  2. Celebrates its triumphs
  3. Communicates clearly and often
  4. Creates happiness and satisfaction for its owner
  5. Creates satisfied and even evangelistic clients
  6. Doesn’t do the same old thing
  7. Doesn’t let ego get in the way of teamwork
  8. Embraces technology where it complements the business
  9. Fits into and complements the owner’s lifestyle
  10. Grows its leaders
  11. Has a mission and goals that support the mission
  12. Has a short term plan, a long term plan, and an end game plan
  13. Has clear responsibilities
  14. Incorporates marketing and sales into the fabric of the business
  15. Is a happy, positive, team oriented place to work
  16. Is open, honest, and doesn’t keep secrets
  17. Knows what its competitors are doing and sets itself apart from them
  18. Looks to the future while taking care of business in the present
  19. Makes itself invaluable to its clients
  20. Makes money or as a non-profit, delivers on its goals
  21. Manages its money wisely
  22. Motivates and empowers its people
  23. Pays its people fairly and rewards them for their success

In short, an Exceptional Business is a profitable, well-planned, highly functioning enterprise that rewards its customers, employees and owners.

How Do You Create Your Own Exceptional Business?

Creating an Exceptional Business is an ongoing process of planning and designing, then experimenting with and implementing a set of proven, common sense, business concepts that can radically improve any business.

Experienced business owners and managers will be familiar with most of the concepts presented here. We have no “secret formula”, although we do believe that we have combined tried and true concepts with a new way of looking at business born of our extensive hands on business experience. We understand the issues, challenges, and problems most business owners and managers have. We have lived most of them. But even though most business owners and managers understand many of our ideas and concepts, they may have a very hard time seeing from the inside how they fit in with their business, then designing a plan based on the concepts, and implementing the plan once created.


Because most business managers and owners are often too busy with running the company and dealing with the day to day grind that they just don’t have time to work on the structure, procedures, and purpose of the business. And even if they did have the time, driving change is really hard. Whatever the current status quo of a business, chances are that management, employees, and even ownership are reasonably comfortable with it, no matter how dysfunctional it is. People like what they know, and they don’t like what they don’t know.

Even though doing the work of creating an Exceptional Business is incredibly rewarding, it is not easy, and with the day to day challenges, you may never be able to do it on your own. That’s where we come in. We provide you with an unbiased look at your business from the outside, we provide an experienced counselor and sounding board for you, we provide a set of tools to implement positive change, and we provide the experience and expertise to implement them wisely. Let us help you build your Exceptional Business.

We Know What an Exceptional Business Looks Like and We Can Help You Build One.

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